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For “Numbers Juggling Times without the Tables

If you order now, you will get these valuable extras, which make up part of the complete course:

1) Seven weekly e-mail lessons that augment the booklet

This is the material covered in the e-mail lessons:

  1. The reason why the method for multiplying numbers from 6 to 9 works as it does. This is may not be important for your children or students to know now, but some day they will want to understand further. This is your chance to be able to explain it to them clearly.
  2. How to multiply numbers from 6 to 9 with manipulatives that you can carry with you at any time! (These are free, and are much cooler than any other kind of calculator! You’ll be surprised and amused at what they are.)
  3. The reason why the method for multiplying numbers from 6 to 9 with the manipulatives works.
  4. How to multiply numbers from 11 to 15 with these amazing manipulatives! (It’s even easier than multiplying 6 – 9!)
  5. Why the method of multiplying numbers from 11 to 15 with the manipulatives works.
  6. The mathematics behind all of the methods – in algebraic form. This is great for all teachers and parents. (By the way, the algebra is not hard, and you don’t even really have to know “algebra” to understand it.)
  7. Next steps

This information is practically secret information. I know that sounds hokey, but in all my years of presenting it, I have never come across anyone who actually knew it – not even mathematicians, math teachers, or math professors! Some people had “heard of it,” some “used to know it,” (yeah, right!) but everyone was amazed at how easy it is. I constantly heard the same thing – “Why don’t they teach this stuff in schools?”

The e-mail lessons start automatically when you purchase the booklet. The first one will arrive on the day of your purchase, and you will receive the rest each week for 7 weeks.

By then everyone in your household will probably be a multiplication expert!

2) The most comprehensive set of practice videos you will ever come across. These help you “lock in” what you’ll learn in the booklet and the e-course.

There are over twenty practice videos (you can view a list of them here). And I’m adding more each week.

This is the material covered in the practice videos:

  1. How to use playing cards to memorize what you have learned. This is one of the most powerful ways to learn without rote memorization. When I show kids in after-school programs this method, they get into it so much we can’t get ’em on the busses when it’s time to leave!
  2. Demonstrations of how quickly you can learn with playing cards.
  3. A Quickstart video lesson on how to multiply numbers from 6 to 9 with manipulatives that cost nothing and you can always carry with you.
  4. An audio lesson on how to multiply numbers from 11 to 15 with these amazing manipulatives! (It’s even easier than multiplying 6 – 9!)
  5. A special section on How to handle playing cards. Learning proper ways to shuffle, cut and handle cards is a great way to help children develop hand-eye coordination. It also makes it more fun to use the cards, which will keep them practicing longer. By the way, I’ve been a professional magician for about forty years – so you’ll be learning from a pro.

3) Special report, “10 Ways You can Help Your Child Learn Math RIGHT NOW.”

When you decide to learn or teach multiplication with “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables”, you will also get a copy of the special report, “10 Ways You can Help Your Child Learn Math RIGHT NOW.”

These are no-nonsense, easy-to-use tips that will help your child understand math in a fun, friendly way. There is no extra charge for this report, and it will be immediately available to you on confirmation of your order.

4) Unlimited, Printable Practice Sheets

The web-address (URL) of the page will be provided immediately after checkout.

5) Unlimited Access to Spoken Multiplication Exercises

Think about this:

A child stares and stares at the “tables” (usually until he learns to hate them) with only his eyes to learn them. Even “flash cards” (which help some people and annoy others) only use the sense of sight.

The next day, in class, the teacher asks, “What is seven times eight?”

This can be confusing, because now the child hears the question with his ears. He learned with his sense of sight, but is tested on his sense of hearing. Why is that often confusing? Because the human brain processes information differently using different senses. It really does.If you want to test if that is true, ask yourself this: If you read the words to a song, but never heard the song, do you think you would recognize that song years later if you heard the song played?

Don’t you think you would remember it better if you had actually heard the song? Of course you would.

This just goes to show that the more senses you use to learn something, the more you “lock” that knowledge into your memory.

I’ve created a web-page where children can go to hear multiplication examples, and test their knowledge of them. The address to the web page is included when you order Numbers Juggling – (Times Without the Tables!)

6) Total e-mail and telephone support.

Any questions you may have about the methods promptly answered. It’s like having your own private tutor (me!)

7) Free Special Reports and Updates

MathMojo occasionally publishes special information and/or updates to its booklets. These will automatically be sent to you by e-mail whenever they are published.

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