Learning Multiplication Tables | List of Videos

List of Videos

This page is for owners of the Third Edition of “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables” e-book and e-course.

It teaches simple multiplication of one-digit numbers (the multiplication tables” or “multiplication facts”) in a uniquely effective and fun way.

You will need the password to access the pages below. If you already own the booklet, the password should have been sent to you in an e-mail. (It is different from the password that you used to access the “extras” page.)  If you have an earlier edition, you can get an upgrade for only  $10 at this page. I’ll send your your password as soon as you upgrade.

If you haven’t gotten the booklet and course yet, you’re in luck. It’s still very inexpensive, and the fastest way you will ever learn or teach simple multiplication. You can order it below.

This is the Table of Contents of video pages set up to help you practice what you have learned in that course:

Practicing Multiplication with Playing Cards

(This section should be learned in order)

How to Handle Playing Cards

There are many more videos to come.

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