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All the multiplications up to 10 x 10. You will learn them solidly, without dependence on rote memory. With the bonuses, you’ll also learn a fantastically easy method for multiplying all numbers up to the 20 times tables!

The methods themselves are so simple, that you should be able to teach them to any second grader. It is like a game. If a young child can add simple numbers, they can learn this method. If you have a precocious toddler, you can start making them familiar with this method, too.

Any parent can zoom right through them and help their children with the methods on the first day.

Any teenager or adult can understand this simply-written booklet by his or herself, and learn all the methods in it. Smart 5th and 6th graders should be able to handle it by themselves.

I wrote the booklet, so if you can understand what I wrote on this page, you should have no problem understanding the booklet.

First of all, it is not a textbook. It is written in normal English. It is not written “over your head” like some academic textbooks, nor is it written in “baby language.” You know those kiddie-books that talk down to children? Books with titles like “Dinky-Doodle (or name your least favorite Saturday morning cartoon character here) Teaches Toddlers Math Facts”? This isn’t one of them.

This is written for you or your child. You don’t want your intelligence insulted. You want useful, no-nonsense ways to learn, or teach, a valuable skill.

Did you know that many school mathbooks are written by the evil Dr. Textbook? That’s right. This dastardy evildoer stays up at night thinking of ways to make math unpleasant, simply in order to watch kids choke up on math tests. The evil Dr. Textbook is a first cousin to the mysterious Dr. Standards, who’s malicious plan is to invent tests that have nothing to do with reality, and keep changing the grading rules.

Of course, these villians are nothing compared to the wicked Dr. Curriculum, (but don’t get me started!)

We’ve all been their victims in one way or another, but with “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables?” you can beat them at their own game!

One is that it won’t overwhelm you. Have you ever had to learn some math, and you picked up a textbook, and simply looking through the table of contents made you want to give up right there? Not with this booklet. You can learn it all, well and thoroughly, in a day or two.

Another reason is to keep costs down. Where else can you get useful, valuable help on this vital skill in video and written form, for way under $40? Many books would cost almost that much in shipping charges alone!

Obviously not, or you wouldn’t need help with learning or teaching basic multiplication skills. I have taught in, done school presentations for, and provided after-school-programs in dozens and dozens of public schools, and I have never come across any teacher or student who consistently used this superior way to think about multiplication.

Occasionally a teacher will mention that they’ve “heard of that method,” or “I know that stuff,” but they never really investigated or consistently taught it. I assume there are some exceptions to this rule somewhere in the U.S., and if there is, I congratulate them. If you or your child ever had them for a teacher, you wouldn’t be here now, though, would you?

There are some expensive private schools that use these methods, and lots of schools outside of the United States. (Those are usually the places where the average person doesn’t need a calculator to figure 10% discount on a $100 purchase!) Why public schools want to limit themselves to inferior methods is beyond me.

If public schools don’t teach this method, what if they won’t let my child use it?

First of all, can you imagine a school official saying, “I see your point Mrs. Smith, but Johnny isn’t allowed to multiply like that in our school, even though he can multiply better than anyone in his class with it.” ?!?! (Just for the record, I can imagine that! Isn’t that sad?)

Numbers Juggling does not involve doing anything but getting the right answer. If you use it to learn your basic multiplications, in a few days you will just know them cold. You won’t need the method, and certainly not the tables. Do you or your child need to know some tables, or do you need to know how to multiply?

And if the child is asked “What is 8 times 8 on multiplication tables?” s/he just has to give the number s/he knows cold, because s/he has learned them with Numbers Juggling.

In other words, in reality, the method is not an issue, except if you live in the most repressed school districts in the world. And if you do, then, gentle reader, multiplication is the least of your problems!

Because most schools don’t use this method, and I can see how some might look upon any method they don’t already understand as “suspicious” when they first experience it, I am including the flyer, “How to Talk to your Child’s Teacher about Multiplication” as another bonus for ordering here.

Most teachers become fascinated with the method, and it would be my great pleasure if I knew that they spread it to as many young people as they can. Knowledge is for sharing, not hoarding.

Nope. If I look to distribute it in stores, I will have to raise the price. I am not interested.

I am the only one offering this booklet. I have it on one other site of mine, but it doesn’t come with all of the bonuses. It is nowhere else on the internet. The only other way to order “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables” is through me, personally, at a seminar or other appearance.

Of course. The only difference is that you always have this method with you. There are no tables to remember (or forget).

The exact method does. With a little modification, you can do up to 15 times 15 in your head, in seconds.

For larger numbers, I am working on “Numbers Juggling – Intermediate Multiplication.” You will have to be able to multiply the digits before you can use that method. So get your skill with them in shape with “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables.”

Absolutely! There is a 10% discount on every purchase over $100 (US). That’s for bulk orders for schools, homeschoolers, large families, or anyone else.

And to make it a nicer deal for large classes, there is an additional 10% discount on any orders over $200 (US). That makes 20% off for orders of $200 or more.

Well, for one thing, most kids aren’t graded on puzzles. They don’t need to be coerced to do them. They will do them any time they get a chance.

Another difference is that with puzzles, your are expected to “think differently.” You are allowed (and encouraged) to actually use your mind. (Imagine that!) Using your mind is fun. Having to blindly memorize stuff that doesn’t seem to make sense is boring.

Numbers Juggling is not exactly a puzzle, but it has fun elements of puzzles. When you understand it, it is a kind of “eureka!” feeling. You want to use it often, and “show off” what you know. It is a fun thing to share and teach, too. (That’s why I do it!)

Did you ever want to learn to juggle? Who hasn’t?! Juggling is fun, and you are never graded on it. Either you can do it or you can’t. You don’t need some nerd with a clipboard and a bad suit testing you on it.

Numbers Juggling is the same way. The feeling you get from knowing how to manipulate numbers with confidence is almost the same as the feeling of being able to juggle objects confidently. First, I show you the method, they you “get” it after a bit of thought and practice, and pretty soon, you enjoy doing it.

If I just “showed” you the times tables, then told you it is up to you to memorize them and “get” them, how effective and fun would that be? (You already know it wouldn’t be effective and would be no fun at all, or else you wouldn’t be here, would you? )

That would be like me just starting to juggle, telling you to watch, and then ordering you learn it yourself by watching and “practicing your juggling facts.” That could even ruin the fun of juggling for anyone!

On the other hand, if someone carefully explains the pattern the balls should take in the air, how to throw, and how to catch a juggling ball correctly, and then patiently guides you through a way for you to be able to juggle without stress, that would be FUN!

That’s the way Numbers Juggling works. You’re guided through a method that makes sense, and each step leads to the next, logically. You are never “at a loss” for what do do next. You don’t have to repeat some silly “facts” without knowing how they got to be facts.

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