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“Memorizing multiplication tables … ?

There must be a better way!”

Every time you practice “the multiplication tables” with a child and they struggle or get bored, you wish there was a better way…

…and there is!

is your perfect solution!

The e-booklet, “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables,” comes with  over an hour and a half of video practice instructions  and a series of follow-up e-mail lessons with tons of bonus materials that teach a simple, amazing method anyone can use to get the product of two single-digit numbers (the “times tables” or “multiplication tables”) without relying on rote memory.

You, your child, or your students will finally have cutting-edge method you need to learn and understand basic multiplication in a way that makes sense to you, and respects your intelligence.

Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to get it and some kids don’t?

It’s because schools generally only teach one way – “Just memorize the tables!” But not every child learns that way. (Most don’t.) No wonder so many children, parents and even teachers get frustrated!

There is no chance of failure

Virtually any child who can do the simplest addition will “get” this method in minutes. That could mean your first-graders! Certainly any third-grader or beyond.Can you imagine what it would be like to take a year’s-worth of drilling multiplication charts and settle the whole issue in a day?

Start learning this now for only:


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So what is “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables”?

Number Juggling is based on the fundamentals of mental math (speed-math) which you’ll use to free yourselves from the crutches of using paper-and-pencil or (heaven forbid!) the dreaded calculator, which you never have when you need it, anyway.

This goes way beyond the multiplication tables, and is much easier and faster to learn, and more empowering to use. It helps a child develop a healthy relationship with numbers and math.

The methods are based on simple rules that have been used since antiquity by people who understand math much better than the bureaucrats who set the “standards”.

And it’s not just about special rules, or tricks. With Numbers Juggling, everything is explained in simple terms, so anyone at any level can understand why the methods work.

With the methods you learn in Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables, you, your child, or your students will be better equipped to go on to more advanced multiplication later. You’ll have a better sense for numbers than ever before.

For any adults or teachers who are interested, the basic algebra is also explained in a clear, easily readable way, for which you need no prior knowledge of algebra at all.

Order Now and get these Valuable Educational Resources in addition to your booklet:

  • A seven-week e-mail course that reinforces the material and explains in detail why the methods work.
  • More than twenty videos that teach you how to practice them most effectively in the shortest amount of time. I “hold your hand” through every step of the way.
  • Special report, “10 Ways You can Help Your Child Learn Math RIGHT NOW.” These are no-nonsense, easy-to-use tips that will help your child understand math in a fun, friendly way.
  • Unlimited printable practice sheets. You can practice exactly the kind of problems you are working on, targeting what you need to focus on.
  • Unlimited access to spoken exercises. These are important, because when a child hears a math problem, he processes it differently than when he sees it. It’s an excellent way to “lock the information in.”
  • Free, automatic updates to the material. You will always be on the cutting-edge.
  • Total e-mail and telephone support Any questions you may have about the methods promptly answered. It’s like having your own private tutor (me!)
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Your success, and the success of your children or students is my goal with this booklet, course and these videos. I’ve worked hard to make it apparent to you that this e-booklet and e-course can quickly get you the results you want. Please, don’t miss this opportunity.

Wishing you fun and success in all your learning/teaching endeavors,

– Brian Foley

P.S. – Remember, you’re making this purchase at absolutely NO RISK, so get your copy now.

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